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 3D Card Printing
 3D Membership Card     3D Luggage Tag
 3D Depth Effect Card     3D Smart Card   
 3D Religion Card            3D Postal Card
 3D Business Card
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 3D Photo Frame             3D Poster
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 3D Book Cover               3D Notebook
 3D Pen Container           快乐飞艇投注:3D Mouse Pad
快乐飞艇投注:3D bookmark                 快乐飞艇投注: 3D Rule
 3D Lenticular Gifts
 3D Album                        3D Puzzle 
 3D Calendar                   3D Invitation
 3D Keychain                   3D Photo
 3D Cup Pad                    3D Card Holder
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 3D NFC Sticker              3D Smart Card
 3D Adhesive
 3D Magnets                   3D Stickers
 3D Phone Case
 3D Flip Effect                 3D Effect
 3D Packing
 3D Packing Box            快乐飞艇投注:3D Shipping Bag

   ☆ Your position:President Speech

        Development depends on thoughts. During the 12 years, I had been continuously learning from veterans and successful entrepreneurs, reformed and created. With the continuous efforts and fighting of SUNYO staff, we have shaped a complete corporate cultural system and paid more attention to the development of corporate etiquette. Furthermore, we set up complete recruiting system, training system, conference system, performance-testing system and branding system. So far, I have finished the shareholding system reform successfully.,which laid a good
foundation for the next aim to set up SUNYO corporation.

         SUNYO has been gaining all the customers’ reorganization and good reputation based on the business concept of “INTEGRITY”, “QUALITY”, “INNOVATION” and “WIN-WIN” in these years. Our business goal Continusly innovation, pursue excellence, aims to become the most strength and most valuable international company in card fields. With the technology of excellent 3D lenticular image and unique 3D anti-counterfeit, superior in the recoverable and environment protection, our vivid and eye-catching lenticular image products are widely used for advertisement and promotion items and 3D anti-counterfeit packages of liquor, cigarettes, cosmetic, medicines, mobile phones and other lenticular printed products. We are qualified to supply our products and services to you in anywhere of the world, and meet your specific requirements very well.

          It is in this case that we are well built up. We are all enthusiastic for the chance that times gives to us. Years of hardworking has made us rich experience in various lines of business, Now, We have been so proud to successfully introduce our Chinese qualified products to worldwide, and we are always seeking any chance to bring oversea nice itmes to China, which gives us strong stimulus to proceed. Under our country's nice commercial atmosphere, hand in hand with all our sincere partners, we will come to a better, more stable, more prosperous future.

        We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit and join SUNYO. let’s create a brilliant future together!

                                                                                                                           De Chen/President

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