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 3D Card Printing
 3D Membership Card     3D Luggage Tag
 3D Depth Effect Card     3D Smart Card   
 3D Religion Card            3D Postal Card
 3D Business Card
 快乐飞艇投注:3D Lenticular Advertising
 3D Photo Frame             3D Poster
 快乐飞艇投注:3D Stationery
 3D Book Cover               3D Notebook
 3D Pen Container           快乐飞艇投注:3D Mouse Pad
快乐飞艇投注:3D bookmark                 快乐飞艇投注: 3D Rule
 3D Lenticular Gifts
 3D Album                        3D Puzzle 
 3D Calendar                   3D Invitation
 3D Keychain                   3D Photo
 3D Cup Pad                    3D Card Holder
快乐飞艇投注: 3D Cup
 快乐飞艇投注:3D RFID Card
 3D NFC Sticker              3D Smart Card
 3D Adhesive
 3D Magnets                   3D Stickers
 3D Phone Case
 3D Flip Effect                 3D Effect
 3D Packing
 3D Packing Box            快乐飞艇投注:3D Shipping Bag

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Sales Dept 1:Charlene's Skype:charlene100882
Sales Dept 2:Jessica's Skype:sunyorfid
Sales Manager:Charlene Ho
MSN: [email protected]
TEL: 86-755-23495636
Mobile:86-151 1254 8623
E-mail:[email protected]

  Design Format

Not Sure if Your Files are Correct for Printing?
If you are not experienced in creating files for full color offset lithographic printing and are not familiar with the standards and conventions in the commercial printing industry, it is a good idea to let us check your files before printing. In order to provide you with the best value possible, we provide this service free.

Streamline Design (From Structural Design to Palletization)

1. File format: PHOTOSHOP and TIFF files work best for lenticular imageing.3D images should be provided as layered files.You may have a quantity of 2-99 layers. Animated images may also be provided as layered.PSD files."Flip" images may be .PSD or .TIFF files.
The file could be transfered to the lattice
chart after done with special effect.
2. Resolution: 200-600dpi in actual size,depending on project
400dpi in CMYK mode or above for litho lenticular project.
200dpi in RGB mode for display lenticular project
3. 3D Backgrounds(very important!):
Make all background layers about 1/4 oversize for all 3D images.
For example:30" wide bleed on background level is required for 24" wide 3D picture.
3.Thickness: 0.25mm/0.38mm/0.5mm/0.76mm/0.84mm
4.Color Model:CMYK

You should pay 30%-50% deposit, we’ll produce the orders immediately
Estimated Turnaround Time for 3D Card:8-10 days (depend on your quantity)
Finishing the production, we will take photos or show you the goods by video,
if you confirm the goods, we’ll delivery goods to you.

Quotations supplied by Sunyo smartech are issued in strictly in accordance with the terms thereon. Quotation numbers must be quoted at all times.
All prices quoted are firm and in accordance with the validity time and period stipulated therein.
Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are quoted in united states dollars (US$) or (USD)
All quotations are F.O.B (Free on Board) unless otherwise specified or indicated.
All insurances are for the account and responsibility of the customer unless otherwise specified, detailed in writing and accepted by an official signature and document.
The ownership of all goods shipped passes only upon full payment of all outstanding monies owing.
All shipping instructions must be clearly stipulated and signed by the customer in writing.

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