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打造环球 3D印刷 最火线领头者!





 3D Card Printing
 3D Membership Card     3D Luggage Tag
 3D Depth Effect Card     3D Smart Card   
 3D Religion Card            3D Postal Card
 3D Business Card
 快乐飞艇投注:3D Lenticular Advertising
 3D Photo Frame             3D Poster
 快乐飞艇投注:3D Stationery
 3D Book Cover               3D Notebook
 3D Pen Container           快乐飞艇投注:3D Mouse Pad
快乐飞艇投注:3D bookmark                 快乐飞艇投注: 3D Rule
 3D Lenticular Gifts
 3D Album                        3D Puzzle 
 3D Calendar                   3D Invitation
 3D Keychain                   3D Photo
 3D Cup Pad                    3D Card Holder
快乐飞艇投注: 3D Cup
 快乐飞艇投注:3D RFID Card
 3D NFC Sticker              3D Smart Card
 3D Adhesive
 3D Magnets                   3D Stickers
 3D Phone Case
 3D Flip Effect                 3D Effect
 3D Packing
 3D Packing Box            快乐飞艇投注:3D Shipping Bag

   ☆ 3D FAQS:Lenticular graphics need special artwork?

The answer would NO, scanned images, or any image on a computer can be used if the quality is good enough. But the bigger the lenticular image you want, the bigger the original artwork needs to be.

All Artwork must be saved in layers.
Here are some tips that may help:
a Keep one simple background throughout the animation.
b Avoid Red to Green, Blue to Yellow, Black to White.
c Image is animated depending on flow of people - left/ight, right/left, up/down.
d Where is this image going?
e How far away is the average viewer?
f Avoid strong vertical or horizontal lines.
g Scenes should have good colour saturation.
h Slight movement is more effective than too much
i Original artwork works better if it has perspective elements already like shadows, embossing etc.
j You can combine effects.
Additional Design Tips - Flip and Animotion - produces visual effects of motion, movement, morphing and contrast to retain brand awareness or marketing messages.
a On large scale they are most effective at viewing distances of 1 - 3 metres on a 30lpi lens, but 4m or greater on a 15lpi lens.
b 2 images is extremely effective, but is more dramatic or subtle change is required, up to 6 flips should be considered
c Don't use small text and fine diagonal keylines as this will be obscured by the lens.
d Attempt to keep dominant colours similar in hue and strength.
e Artwork should be saved and supplied in layers ideally in Adobe Photoshop.f All files should be in CMYK.
g Include ALL elements, all layers and attachments, including fonts.
h Supply a print-out or marked-up visual with your definition of the focal point, the layer or items which we will place the central layer.

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