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 3D Card Printing
 3D Membership Card     3D Luggage Tag
 3D Depth Effect Card     3D Smart Card   
 3D Religion Card            3D Postal Card
 3D Business Card
 快乐飞艇投注:3D Lenticular Advertising
 3D Photo Frame             3D Poster
 快乐飞艇投注:3D Stationery
 3D Book Cover               3D Notebook
 3D Pen Container           快乐飞艇投注:3D Mouse Pad
快乐飞艇投注:3D bookmark                 快乐飞艇投注: 3D Rule
 3D Lenticular Gifts
 3D Album                        3D Puzzle 
 3D Calendar                   3D Invitation
 3D Keychain                   3D Photo
 3D Cup Pad                    3D Card Holder
快乐飞艇投注: 3D Cup
 快乐飞艇投注:3D RFID Card
 3D NFC Sticker              3D Smart Card
 3D Adhesive
 3D Magnets                   3D Stickers
 3D Phone Case
 3D Flip Effect                 3D Effect
 3D Packing
 3D Packing Box            快乐飞艇投注:3D Shipping Bag

   ☆ Your position:Sunyo Company Advantage

In order to give you, our clients or prospective clients, the best services and advantages possible, we have tailored a set of support structures to assist you at all times.

Quick Buying: Find, Select, Buy
We guarantee that within 24 hours, of any query you may have, we will be able to assist and finalize your product requirement, your order, your quotation, pro-forma invoice and delivery time.

Quick Solve
For those urgent deliveries and marketing emergencies, we offer to investigate every possibility of trying to assist our clients. We cannot always guarantee success, but we will really try!

Quick Sale
There are times, like all manufacturers where we are sometimes let down and have orders which due to non-payment have not been shipped. These stocks are then listed on our website and are available on a "first come, first served" basis. "Quick Sale" products are advertised daily when available.

Quick Commands
Due to varying time zones around the globe, we can now offer a worldwide service of support and communication, 24 hours a day.

Our Management
3D Sunyo is a young family. Our team, in main office, has mature and energetic professionals of 20. Among them, over 90% are holders of B.A or B.S. All have the capacity to speak fluent English as well as rich experience to each line of printing and designing for years.

Marketing department
With a large-scale show room, professional staffs will recommend most exquisite and economic products to customers, process the craft according to different requirements, and present the corporate image ideally.

Export department
Pursue design processing, processing with customer's samples, assembling work of parcel received, design and developing new products. Our business covers countries and areas such as Japan,Cannada,Australia,USA,Singapore,Turkey,UK, etc.

New product development department
With advanced computer design, we have developed all kinds of products for a long time, also designing and making moulds according to different specs and requests of customers.

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