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打造环球 3D印刷 最火线领头者!





 3D Card Printing
 3D Membership Card     3D Luggage Tag
 3D Depth Effect Card     3D Smart Card   
 3D Religion Card            3D Postal Card
 3D Business Card
 快乐飞艇投注:3D Lenticular Advertising
 3D Photo Frame             3D Poster
 快乐飞艇投注:3D Stationery
 3D Book Cover               3D Notebook
 3D Pen Container           快乐飞艇投注:3D Mouse Pad
快乐飞艇投注:3D bookmark                 快乐飞艇投注: 3D Rule
 3D Lenticular Gifts
 3D Album                        3D Puzzle 
 3D Calendar                   3D Invitation
 3D Keychain                   3D Photo
 3D Cup Pad                    3D Card Holder
快乐飞艇投注: 3D Cup
 快乐飞艇投注:3D RFID Card
 3D NFC Sticker              3D Smart Card
 3D Adhesive
 3D Magnets                   3D Stickers
 3D Phone Case
 3D Flip Effect                 3D Effect
 3D Packing
 3D Packing Box            快乐飞艇投注:3D Shipping Bag

   ☆ Your position:Walt Disney Lenticular Card

Our Company has reached an agreement with The Walt Disney Company about the longtime cooperation relations , even we signed order and value up to 23 million .
The Disney company was looking for good suppliers about their plastic luggage tag project and made a longtime cooperation .Through the strictly inspection of most card manufacturers, we got this preciousness opportunity to cooperate with Disney Company . They said we are the best one they have seen in this industry and advanced equipments make sure each card are best ,So they decided to sign this order with our company.


The World Expo Postcard
3D postcard : Postcard has a long history . It was used to communicate. People wrote greeting words on postcard, stamped, and posted to their friends. People now rarely use postcard to communicate with others, and it is more for appreciation and collection. Combining with 3D technology in postcard's production, it suddenly gives people a noble sense. Also, with 3D effect, the card adds appreciating value to a great extent.
Characteristics of 3D postcard:
1. Different form traditional planar paper postcard, it uses HD PET material that is more environmental and has better quality!
2. It is perfectly designed to present landscape and life vividly!
3. The image on postcard has field of depth viewed under Sun or incandescent lamp!
Also ,simple, elegant, rational, noble, colorful, natural, or any other postcards accept .

Good news:Our company have signed a long term agreement with China Government for producing postal cards .
From April 2010 We produce postal cards for the Shanghai World Exposition, we offered 300.000pcs cards.
They have visited our factory and satisfied with our quality and production capacity .Both of us are confidence with our long business cooperation.

Chanel Lenticular Card

The Lenticular Luggage Tag is CMYK offset printing and laminated with a 75 lpi Lenticular lens. An PET lenticular picture window on the back holds a standard size business or ID card (2" x 3 ½" ). ID cards with name and address field are an optional add-on. All Lenticular Luggage Tags are shipped with a flexible plastic loop strap. The dimensions are 4.4" x 2.7" and it weighs 0.3 ounces.

Our Company signed 1500,000pcs 3D cards with Chanel Company on 8th March, 2009, and we are nominated 3D Lenticular Card supplier of Chanel.
Long term Cooperation with Chanel Group, which also stands for our products and service reached a new stage.

Vibrant colors create a memorable experience for your audience
Memorable, eye catching 3D Lenticular designs
Includes a clear plastic strap to attach to your luggage
A clear vinyl window on the back holds a standard size business or ID card (2” x 3.5”)
Optional Printed ID cards with name and address field
Lenticular PET prints onto 100 LPI Lens
Great 3D Lenticular Gift Item

NXP S50 RFID Tickets with 3D Depth Effect

Canada has achieved long-term cooperative relationship with our company since 2010, which decided Besides, RFID lenticular tickets was the advantages of available reading and writing, contactless recognition, high-temperature resistance and anti-corrosion, etc. Furthermore with our high-quality 3D Tickets, that is why Canada choose us resolutely.

◇Enable comprehensive real-time monitoring and management
◇Eliminate ticket counterfeiting and fare evasion
◇Provide statistics information of public events
◇Enhance customer satisfaction
◇Maximize return on investment (ROI)

Lenticular Puzzle for Plants vs. Zombies

Here, you'll find intermediate puzzles designed for puzzlers of elementary school age. These puzzles have 100 to 300 pieces and are meant for youngsters between the ages of 5 and 10.

Learning can be fun! And puzzles are a great way to teach preschoolers numbers and letters and develop motor skills. It's also an early introduction to problem solving and critical thinking.

Our Company signed 200,000pcs 3D Puzzle with Popcap Games on 6th May, 2013, and we are nominated 3D Lenticular Card supplier of Popcap Games.
Long term Cooperation with Chanel Group, which also stands for our products and service reached a new stage.

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